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ABOUT THE DESIGNER web design icon Hi, my name is Trudy, I am a Web Designer from Borough Green, Sevenoaks, Kent. I chose to name my website 'Web Seedlings' as with my own business, I want to help small businesses and sole traders grow and flourish into successful companies by helping you not only to attract more customers but to create a platform for business networking with a practical, contemporary and visually appealing website.

I am a Diploma qualified Web Designer but also have design and editing history throughout my career along with two Design Degrees. My fresh up-to-date knowledge of Responsive Web Design means that your website will be crafted to provide an optimal viewing and interactive experience across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones). Please browse my examples of work and contact me so we can unfold your ideas and aspirations. Portfolio

WHY CHOOSE WEB SEEDLINGS? tick box icon I understand when starting a new business just how important it is to get known, but also how you achieve this on a tight budget, which is why I offer a lower cost website with a monthly maintenance fee to help spread those costs.

At Web Seedlings I write and build my own websites in raw HTML & CSS code which has more freedom and flexibility, without complicated jquery, Flash or plugins that will slow down pages when loading. Most consumers will only wait between 6-10 seconds for a page to open before they abandon it. For example, Google takes page load speed so seriously that it’s now a ranking factor. In other words, if your pages don't load quickly enough, your site may slip lower down on Google's results pages.

By also using raw code, I do not rely on third party Content Management Systems (CMS) or Website Builders that have restrictive templates, advertising and plugins to slow your pages down, but more importantly I can create a unique design just for you. My packages are specifically tailored around Small Business Web Design and built to be viewed on all platforms. I will also maintain your site so you don't have to spend valuable time on the phone to a support team. Packages


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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - It's no longer enough to simply put a website on the internet, you also need to ensure it can be found! At Web Seedlings all these factors can play a role;


Fresh, unique, organised and easy for your target audience to read. I can help write new, or refresh, your existing web page content ensuring keywords or phrases help to improve your visibility.


A well-structured site provides your visitors quick and easy access to find what they want, but it also provides search engines a sense of your priorities and the role a page plays in the bigger picture of a website.


The world is mobile, by chosing a responsive website, mobile friendly websites are now a key ranking factor for Google. I can ensure your website works across mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers giving visitors on any device the best experience of your business.


Having a presence on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter can certainly help to increase followers and Likes to your business, and I can provide links from these websites to yours to help your visibility.